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Royal Mail privatisation a step too far says McDonnell

16th December 2008

The Government has today given its endorsement of the Hooper report which recommended the part-privatisation of Royal Mail. This goes against the Labour manifesto and the ‘Warwick II’ agreement in the summer. The policy change was announced by Business Secretary Lord Mandelson.

John McDonnell MP, LRC Chair, said

“This is privatisation pure and simple. It flies in the face of the manifesto commitment and the agreements at Warwick.”

“Today’s announcement will result in significant job losses and attacks on the working conditions of postal workers and we will fight these proposals all the way.”

“Labour MPs are angry at what will be interpreted by postal workers as a complete betrayal. Gordon Brown should not underestimate the opposition that this will unleash among MPs, trade unions, postal workers and communities. This is a privatisation beyond what even Thatcher achieved.”


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