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London MPs call on Mayor to keep London Living Wage promise for tube cleaners

17th June 2009

London Labour MPs will today hand in a letter to Mayor Boris Johnson at City Hall, calling on him to fund the London Living Wage for all London Underground cleaners. MPs will also be tabling an Early Day Motion in the House of Commons demanding “urgent remedial action from the Mayor as Chair of Transport for London to improve cleaners’ working conditions”.

John McDonnell MP, Convenor of the RMT Parliamentary Group, said:

“Cleaners on the London Underground do some of the dirtiest, hardest and least rewarded work in London. There are no mess rooms for cleaners to eat food during their breaks or to wash their hands because there is no running water, yet cleaners must dispose of dirty syringes and clean up vomit and blood.

“Today we are calling on the Mayor to ensure that these workers are paid a decent wage for their work, and bring an end to these Dickensian practices in London.”

Jeremy Corbyn, Labour MP for Islington North, said:

“The Mayor has now publicly endorsed an increased London Living Wage of £7.60 per hour, yet some tube cleaners are still earning as little as £6.15 per hour. If the Mayor is serious about tackling poverty pay in London he must intervene immediately.

“We are also demanding that other London Underground staff - such as security guards and canteen staff - are also paid the London Living Wage.”


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