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Labour Left condemns New Labour’s “reactionary flailings” on welfare

2nd December 2008

The Labour Left has reacted angrily to James Purnell’s statements today on welfare in advance of tomorrow’s Queen’s Speech, which is expected to include further legislation on welfare reform. Purnell’s comments coincide with the publication of the Gregg Review which recommended lone parents with children as young as one being bullied into work.

John McDonnell MP, LRC Chair, said

“New Labour’s reactionary flailings are punitively attacking the poorest in our society. Their plans will be rendered totally unworkable in a period of recession, and possibly depression.”

“The pressure that will be placed on lone parents will have a direct impact on the care that they can provide to their children - and affordable childcare is still not sufficiently available.”

“There will be a pitched battle in opposition at every stage of the legislation. It is a disgrace that New Labour attacks the most vulnerable in our society with such vigour and regularity.”


The LRC is a signatory to the ‘Welfare for All’ statement, co-ordinated by PCS

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