Labour Policy Review 2013

For the “Your Britain” Labour Party policy review the LRC Labour Party Liaison Unit have drafted the following submissions.  The cut off point is 6th March and submissions can be made online.  Please click on each link to see the individual submissions.

How to make a submision to the Labour Party “Our Britan” policy review using LRC model submissions.
The deadline for submissions of up to 600 words is 6th March 2013.

Submission site:

First of all Log-in using your membersnet sign-on or register if you are a first time user

1. Place mouse over “Join the Debate” and click on “Find a Discussion”.
2. Click on subject required (e.g. “Housing”).
3. At right hand of screen click on “Make a Submission”.
4. Click the “Continue” button.
5. Make a submission of up to 600 words (Cut and paste where appropriate).
6. Click “Submit” button.
7. The first line of your submission will appear on the right hand side of the Labour Party website screen.
8. You will get an email confirming your submission has been successful - click on link on email to view your submission on Labour Party website.

Here are some draft submissions which can be used as a basis for your own. They are in pdf format – right click if you wish to save a copy.

Local Government
Local Government pdf

Foreign Policy
International pdf

Housing pdf

Health & NHS pdf

Energy pdf

Industry or Business
Employment pdf
Banks pdf

Education pdf

Tax Policy pdf
Progressive tax pdf
Tax Innovation pdf

Tax fairness pdf

Transport pdf

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